ROIS  Crosstalk 2022
Expansion of knowledge base with IU-REAL・Network×Network~

Venue : Spatial Chat (online virtual room)

Date  and Time: 2022/12/19 (Mon)  13:00 start 

2022/10/24 (Mon)           Registration opens 

What’s New


Reports on this event and the Best Poster Award Ceremony are now available. 


Time schedule is updated.


The registration for poster presentations has closed, but we are still accepting for participants without presentations. Please note that the registration will be closed when the maximum number of participants is reached.


Advertisement file is available (click here). 


Registration form is open. Please inform the executive committee (rois_xt [at] if you have a security problem with registration via Google Form.

About  ROIS Crosstalk

The Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS) has been holding the "Researchers' Crosstalk" for more than 10 years as a collaborative project among the four Inter-University Research Institutes (ROIS/I-URIC), and last year it was held as "ROIS Inter-Disciplinary Crosstalk by Young and Experienced Researchers" including not only young researchers but also senior ones. This year, with the establishment of the Inter-University Research and Education Alliance (IU-REAL), the event will be held under the catchphrase "Expansion of knowledge base with IU-REAL・Network×Network".

In light of the recent social situation, this year's event will continue to focus on poster sessions using the online exchange space (Spatial Chat). In addition, there will be an online reception where participants can talk freely. We hope that this event will not only help you to broaden your knowledge of your own research activities, but also provide you with opportunities for networking and inspiration from a broader perspective.

We look forward to your participation regardless of whether you are a young or experienced researcher.

Note: Participation from universities and other organizations outside of IU-REAL (ROIS, NIHU, NINS, KEK, SOKENDAI) are also welcome; however, please contact with the Planning Committee individually by e-mail since introductions from IU-REAL personnel are required.

Important Dates

Registration opens

2022/10/24 (Mon)

Deadline for registration

2022/12/05 (Mon) 


Deadline for submission of poster files

Posting of posters by the planning committee: 

Send poster by 2022/12/12 (Mon)

Posting of posters by presenters themselves: 

AM 2022/12/19 (Mon), in the space provided by Spatial Chat.

ROIS Crosstalk

2022/12/19 (Mon)  13:00 start


Presentations on the day of the crosstalk will be made in the online exchange space "Spatial Chat," and each presenter will have a core time for poster presentations and a lightning talk prior to the poster presentation. The venue URL and program details will be announced to registered participants.

Time schedule





14:25 -15:15


16:05 -17:15

Opening Remarks

Lightning Talks (22 poster presenters, 1 minute each)

Poster Presentation Core Time 1

Poster Presentation Core Time 2

Poster Presentation Core Time 3

Free Discussion

(Updated on Dec. 14)

Guidelines for preparation of the poster

Poster discussion session will be held in "Spatial Chat" (online virtual room). The URL of the Spatial Chat room and further information will be informed to participants after registration.

Non-presenters are also welcome!

Best Poster Award

In order to stimulate poster presentations, we plan to select the posters that have generated the most various discussions by a vote of the participants.

Poster Preparation Instruction

Please review the following poster recommendations and requirements:

Poster Submission

If you would like to request a poster to be posted by a planning committee member:

Please submit your poster by e-mail by Dec. 12. The committee members will post your poster on Spatial Chat on the day of the crosstalk.

If you wish to post your own poster:

Please post your poster on Spatial Chat in the morning of the day of the crosstalk.